Lysis Technologies has developed a revolutionary graphic system for rotational molded polyethylene-products, which is ideal for logos, company names, date stamps, hazard warnings, regulatory markings or just for any other information.

Because the graphic is molded into the polyethylene it is scratchproof and acid proof and therefore should last the lifetime of the product.

The method is simple and quick because the graphics are easy applied with minimal skills required, which can be easily passed on to any operator. The application procedure is described here.

Colors are matched according to the Pantone co lour chart and to specific customer’s request (e.g. reflective or fluorescent). The Graphic is designed to have excellent outdoor durability since the highest grades of pigments (automotive industry) are used.

Our Rotomold Graphics have been proven to withstand severe weather conditions for nearly a decade. This technology was developed 9 years ago in cooperation with the largest manufacturer for plastic marine products and is used since then.

At a Glance:
  • Highest Quality
  • Graphics on adhesive labels (no spraying necessary)
  • Easy application (no rubbing necessary)
  • Very competitive price
  • No minimum Quantities
  • Short lead time (8-10days)
  • Efficient communication