Lysis Technologies Ltd. was established in 2010 offering technical solutions to research institutes and companies in the Personal Care, Food & Beverage, coating & ink and nanotechnology industries.

Product Formulations and Systems are created, based on scientific research and via the understanding of technical issues.

We are a team of highly skilled scientists and engineers with long experience in technology development and its direct application. Core - Management Members:


Ramin Djalali,       Phd, CChem, MBA             (Managing Director)

An entrepreneurial, senior industrial chemist with deep business knowledge (and with nearly 10yrs experience in the R&D management of packaging and ink/coating industries.


Philip Parkins                                                  (Technical Director)

Experienced in the trade for nearly 25 years as a ink formulator and as a printer; which allows him to take a broad view of customers problems with the result to see the whole picture and the significance of the correct choice of ink.


Konstantia Asteriadou   Phd, Chem.-Ing.       (Project Leader)

Chemical Engineer with 9 years project management experience within global FMCG industries for scale-up design, Pilot Plant commissioning, HAZOP, GMPs, and Quality Assurance of processes.

We have been working on many projects with small and large companies.

Our aim is to satisfy customer needs by adding value to their products, which is achieved through collaboration, innovation and direct communication.