nanomaterials Nanomaterials Germany (NanoGer) is a division of Lysis Technologies Ltd. and has been created to concentrate efforts on the manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of advanced materials throughout the world at discounted prices, while meeting high quality-standards.

The company’s skills and knowledge in the area of nanotechnology enables the team to fabricate advanced materials very efficiently, because bulk quantities are produced.

Therefore costs are minimised and the price advantage is transferred to our customers. The newest manufacturing and characterisation technologies guarantee conformance to highest quality standards.
Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) beads are highly uniform
(coeff. var. <3%) particles ranging from 0.2μm to 0.7μm in diameter.
A large selection of precised sizes are offered, with different surface chemistry e.g. positive or negative charge. Particles are non-dyed or dyed with e.g. Rhodamine.

Besides photonic applications NanoGer’s latex-beads are used as components in coating formulations or for lateral flow tests, latex agglutination tests, flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and as calibration particles to name just a few applications.

All particles are offered in convenient laboratory quantities or bulk quantities for pilot scale studies. Each batch comes with a certified analysis report, which contains a full analysis in solution AND in dry.
A representative electron-microscopic or AFM-image is provided; see here.